SHTUNOT wrote on 7/29/2002, 7:35 PM
Acid is still NOT a multitracking app. Thats vegas.But I'm confused as to why they went with asio/vsti instead of wdm/dxi????? Plus no rewire support. That was a pretty asked for feature prior. I can hardly wait to beta test this program.
PipelineAudio wrote on 7/29/2002, 9:05 PM
probably because

at least in a way we need it too, sort of
MacMoney wrote on 7/29/2002, 10:53 PM
Re-Wire I never use but everthing on the list seems cool.
I think (hope) we're seeing some features to come of Vegas 4

Sonic Foundry!
Vegas+HUI+DX automation

SHTUNOT wrote on 7/29/2002, 11:01 PM
The whole movement prior was to stay outside the steinberg standard. Thats why vst was never added earlier[just dx]. Talks about how many bugs/instability would be introduced if it was added. Plus I've hard nothing but great SH!T about WDM and Sonar. Did WDM really suck or was their another reason why they said yes to asio? Now sonar will be one of the only companies in full support for that driver standard. And the only company to fully support dxi tech. And will sofo be paying a "competitor" money for their feature? They said vsti can be used but they didn't state whether vst "plugins" was now a feature. I can't see why you'd support one and not the other.[?]Weird.
nlamartina wrote on 7/30/2002, 8:57 PM

Don't be confused. Since Acid 3 was first released, Vegas and Acid have been pretty much blood-brothers as far as coding goes, at least from what I've been able to observe concerning their feature sets, architectures, and other similarities. I'd say there's absolutely no doubt that these new slick features will be in Vegas 4. Think about it. Vegas is still a relatively young SoFo product. Versions usually get upgraded every 12 months or so. Acid is right on schedule, and instead of waiting for another 6 months with Vegas and putting all their proverbial eggs in one basket, the folks at SoFo gave Acid some really slick features to the benefit of both products. It’s a win-win situation for both camps, I think. Using Acid 4 should sorta be like beta-testing Vegas 4, indirectly. So I wouldn’t worry about Acid superceding its big brother. It’s just doing Vegas a favor right now by testing out all the new goodies.

Nick LaMartina
Jacose wrote on 8/1/2002, 7:55 PM
I think its ridicuoulous... I love sofo more than any other software company, Up there with imageline and WAves... but I dont see why these great features arent combined or at least some sort of Connection betwween the two.. (dont even speak the work MIDI here, it sucks and doesnt render....)
nlamartina wrote on 8/2/2002, 2:09 PM

I'm still confused though. What kind of functionality do you want to get out of a connection between the two apps that you don't have already? I use all the SoFo apps and often I'm transferring project components in between them, but never with difficulty. I can't really image what you're looking for, but maybe I'm just limiting my work style and you've thought of something unique that I haven't. Could you explain to me what exactly you're trying to do and why the current setup is not meeting your needs?

Nick LaMartina