Dual Layer Disks - setting break point ?

Sargan wrote on 12/26/2015, 2:29 PM
Never used DL disks before (DVD+R 8.5GB) , so had a read and the manual states :
Choose the burn settings: .....
8. Click the Finish button to start burning.

9. If you are preparing a dual-layer disc, the Choose Layer Break Behavior page is displayed to allow you to choose if you want to choose a layer break or if you would like the software to choose a break for you.

OK .. the Choose Layer Break Behavior page did not appear ? ......... having gone though drive selection, project selection, I clicked finish ... and it went straight into burning the disk ... no option for dual layer break point ?
Its only using 78% of the DL disk (at 8MB data rate)... so assume I should have plenty of scope to choose break point. There are around a dozen video files & menu structure - not just one large file.


musicvid10 wrote on 12/26/2015, 3:53 PM
The only way I know to set a manual break point reliably is with IMGBurn, not Architect.
That said, I quit using DL-DVD for production work years ago -- just too unreliable in the wild.
Sargan wrote on 12/26/2015, 4:57 PM
Had to use DL due to capacity
My own ver of the video was Blu_Ray and had no issue ..
Re-render to DVD format and putting onto 2 x 8.5GB discs has thrown up this Q.
PeterDuke wrote on 12/26/2015, 5:50 PM
You didn't state whether the DVD burnt OK or not. Can you play it without problems? If not what happens? If so, just move on.

Since you have many small files, it is easy for software to choose a place for a layer break. When you have few large files it is more difficult because the range where the break can be placed is not obvious unless you know the rules.
videoITguy wrote on 12/26/2015, 6:18 PM
Choosing a break point within software is no trivial task. Many including DVDAPro - use a brute force tech to get a break, some ways too crude to pass on most players.

Only professional prep software like Gear which is used by duplicators can actually analyze the total options for a clean reliable break point that passes on most disc set-tops. Notice this is absolutely required to get pressed discs.

On the burn one-off side of market, the tech is really too troublesome for most people and softwares to deal with!
Sargan wrote on 12/27/2015, 6:56 AM
The DVD appears to have burnt OK .... not watched it all way though but quick scan seems OK.

The reason for my post is that the DVDA manual states that if you select DL then you should get a Breakpoint setting page - and nothing appeared .... so want to understand how to get to this.
PeterDuke wrote on 12/28/2015, 4:13 AM
As I said before, worry about something else more important. Software will be software, as boys will be boys.