Can AUDACITY save directly to Vegas or do I have to import a new audio

FoskeyMedia schrieb am 01.09.2018 um 09:10 Uhr

I just downloaded AUDACITY (finally). It seems when I "Open in Audio Editor" it never saves what my editor is from the previous session and I have to reselect it in PREFERENCES (to be fair... I haven't shut down and rebooted since installing). That's not really my question though.....

Once I open the audio file in Audacity and edit it...since I've not really created a new file (?) do I have to export it to a new audio file and then import it back into Vegas....or are the changes I made in Audacity automatically saved in Vegas?


fr0sty schrieb am 01.09.2018 um 10:08 Uhr

The two programs are not cross-compatible. You must export a Wav (or other format) file from Audacity and import it into Vegas.



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EricLNZ schrieb am 01.09.2018 um 11:09 Uhr

With VMS I have Audacity set up as my preferred audio editor and for VMS media to go offline when not active. I export a copy of the audio to be worked on to Audacity. After working on it I export overwriting my original file. When I switch to VMS and the media becomes active again the audio is now the updated version. I have no need to import it again. I assume Vegas Pro will behave likewise.