Compositing in Hitfilm

Spectralis schrieb am 29.01.2015 um 01:48 Uhr
I've really tried to love Hitfilm but it feels so alien to work with compared to Vegas. I miss the clip loop feature the most. I'm interested in the 3D features of Hitfilm. Seeing as they compliment one another has anyone switched over completely to Hitfilm for editing as well? Is it possible to change NLE?


stbo schrieb am 29.01.2015 um 08:29 Uhr
Certainly for me, Hitfilm offers amazing compositing features but as an NLE it is very, very rudimentary, and if you are used to Vegas will be very frustrating. Given the integration between the two I would certainly recommend that you composite and VFX in Hitfilm and then use Vegas for the actual editing and rendering. That is what I do.

deusx schrieb am 29.01.2015 um 10:20 Uhr
Well, since Fusion is now free there's no reason to bother with any other compositing software.
BRC schrieb am 29.01.2015 um 11:45 Uhr
Thank you for the information on 'Blackmagic Fusion'.

Just a little information before anyone jumps in is that the minimum video RAM required is 2gb and minimum 8gb RAM to operate.

Spectralis schrieb am 30.01.2015 um 16:07 Uhr
Fusion looks great but the free version doesn't allow OFX. In that case it isn't an alternative to Hitflim which is much cheaper than Fusion Pro. Maybe if they dropped the price...
Tech Diver schrieb am 30.01.2015 um 19:52 Uhr
It is almost always true that you get what you pay for. HitFilm is probably fine for a lot of folks but I feel that it pales in comparison to the higher-end tools like Cinema4D or the full version of Fusion, etc. I used to have HitFilm 2, but sold it a few months ago because I felt that After Effects with MochaPro and the Element 3D plugin allows me to create far more realistic 3D composites. Currently, I am getting ready to purchase the new version of Element 3D was released a month or two ago that is even better (for those who are curious, here is one of their promo videos: ). The two main positive attributes of HitFilm are that it integrates with Vegas and that the purchase price is very low.

deusx schrieb am 01.02.2015 um 08:02 Uhr
>>>>>Fusion looks great but the free version doesn't allow OFX<<<<

My mistake, I understood 3D to mean 3D environment and animation which free version can do, not 3D as in 3D movies you watch with 3D glasses and all that.
dimipapa schrieb am 01.02.2015 um 13:00 Uhr
I've had kind of a love hate thing with hitfilm I've been using it or at least trying to since 2012. Fusion for me is too complicated. it's not like I haven't tried learning it. After affects is of course better for special effects but I feel like you can do a lot of similar things in hitfilm much easier and you can actually own it. I was out of work on short term disability last year from september to late november and used a lot of that time to work on hitfilm projects for practice and bury myself in tutorials. After I finally got to the point where I didn't have to dig up a tutorial every time I wanted to do something I started to like and use hitfilm a lot more. At this point I don't wanna learn another program unless my editing becomes a full time job. I think the connectivity between vegas and hitfilm is a joke, but I think the hitfilm plugins are awesome and most of them are easy enough to use in vegas. I don't use it for editing but I think they are trying to make it more like vegas. Would be nice if they could completely combine the two programs.
dimipapa schrieb am 01.02.2015 um 13:03 Uhr
By the way when you say clip loop do you mean play the selected clip over and over because they added that in hitfilm 3