Instructions for users using settings other than NTSC?

Cornico schrieb am 16.12.2017 um 01:16 Uhr

While Movie Studio has a wizzard to help starters with the Vegas Programs to start with the right project Settings, the Pro version still starts for everyone with NTSC settings also now Magix is a more international owner of the program.

On our Dutch forum we have a lot of tutorials showing our Dutch users with which settings it is the best to start a project. There I never see questions about problems unless the user has only seen Youtube tutorials.

When I'm reading on this forum a lot of problems related to these program settings maybe it is a good advice to publish on this forum also project start settings for other than NTSC users.


Rainer schrieb am 21.12.2017 um 02:23 Uhr

Is this something new in 15? Far as I remember, my 14 always started in PAL 1920 1080p. Maybe it depends where you downloaded the program. Doesn't the "Do you want to set your project video settings to match this media" take care of it for the clueless?