OT: Animation

Spectralis schrieb am 11.03.2015 um 03:48 Uhr
In case anyone is interested in mixing their film footage with animation, DAZ Studio will soon be updated with the iRAY CPU/GPU renderer and it's all free software. This renderer can create very realistic scenes and animations which could be composited in Vegas or Hitfilm. I use DS a lot and it's pretty easy to learn and get great results. The content costs money but it's not too expensive and there's plenty of free content out there.

Some uses might be animating aircraft or helicopters in a war scene. Creating a city scape or environment to use with green screened actors. Or even creating a group of virtual people to populate a film scene.

As it's completely free apart from surrendering your email address and might be of some use to film makers here I thought I'd share this latest info. At the moment it's still in Beta though.



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