Strange register behaviour after a crash

Cornico schrieb am 22.04.2017 um 13:21 Uhr

Two days ago it happend to me with VMS Pl. 14 build 252 and now I read the same on Creative Cow with VPro , so maybe it's not only me.
What happened to me?
- program hangs on saving a Slideshow vf
- could not close the program other than restarting Windows
- after restart opening VMS crashes during start over and over again
- after reïnstalling VMS Pl. I had to register the program, no problem so far
- now every time I opened the program I had to register it over and over again.

Al very weird so I decided to load a system image from 2 days earlier (right before the Windows update) and all went fine after that.
Now I did read the same with VPro, I regret not to have done a deeper search after a possible reason for the strange behaviour and I don't have crash reports and screenshots for Magix support.



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