VEGAS Image Crashes upon using font.

Dani.W schrieb am 24.09.2020 um 17:48 Uhr

I am using VEGAS POST SUITE 365 and Vegas Image crashes upon using font only one mouseclick on the A for fonts and it crashes here 2x in the video.
Well I need font for getting proper Thumbmail. But this is a nightmare. I reinstalled the software (entire suite including VEGAS PRO 18, VEGAS Effects, VEGAS Image & Soundforge Pro 14) several times by now. All Graphic Cards (using studio settings of course) and Drivers are up to date and I also used the latest update which enables all update automatically on VEGAS Effects & VEGAS Image.

I really don't know, how to fix this and I would be grateful to get a step by step instruction. On how to apply fonts manually into the software. For me this terrible bug is quite frustrating and I'm not even able to contact support here directly, in a personal ticket...



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