Marco. schrieb am 02.03.2020 um 17:10 Uhr

Nichts deutet auf ein Auslaufen von Movie Studio hin.

VEGASDerek schrieb am 02.03.2020 um 17:59 Uhr

Movie Studio is still being worked on, and VEGAS Movie Studio 17 is currently in development.

Darci schrieb am 07.04.2020 um 20:05 Uhr

Thank you I will be waiting

ugp schrieb am 12.04.2020 um 03:45 Uhr

heard it was coning in the next month or so, would love to see an free upgrade offer if you buy version 16 now(especially for a fellow Madisonian 😉). As I'm going to get it but will just have to wait I guess.

3POINT schrieb am 12.04.2020 um 06:44 Uhr

Vegas Creative Software made an announcement the 9th of April on FB, that VegasMovieStudio 17 is coming soon. How soon is soon, I don't know.