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About me

I am a Canadian citizen residing in Northern Italy. I studied and worked in civil engineering on international projects for about 25 years and returned to university to study art history, political science and journalism. I have used video and sound editing professionally since grade school and for national TV news networks; but lately use it for teaching teachers how to optimize their videos for instructing at lowest costs and for creating multi-media art projects in collaboration with some well-known artists around the world. I will be using the forums to share and find creative tips and editing advice for improving videos, and less for answering mundane technical questions.

My interests

Woodworking, oil painting, mixed media art, aikido and cooking are my primary current hobbies. My interests range from current events, to quantum physics, geo-politics, journalism economics, engineering management and modern technology. I love humour, helping others, teaching and most music genres.

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I hope my comments are clear and they have been of some help. ~ DocSatori ⏹🍁