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Recent professional focus is on audio: live sound, mixing, and recording for concerts, musical theater, and studio production. Supplemented by non-professional video camera operator and production targeting the Internet and CATV.

My interests

Law, technology, music, photography, and medical research.

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Cameras: Canon XF305, JVC GV-LS2, Canon 6D w/L-glass line. (Mar 2020: testing Zcam E2)
Laptop: Dell XPS15-9570; i7-8750h 32gb (integrated Intel UHD-630 & Nvidia GTX-1050Ti)
Road: Intel NUC i7 8809g 32gb (integrated AMD VegaM 4gb graphics and Intel HD630)
Workstation: i9 9900k 32 gb (Sapphire AMD Radeon VII 16gb graphics and integrated Intel UHD630)
Workstation2: e5 1650v4 128 gb (Sapphire Nitro+ RX5700xt Navi 8gb graphics)
Workstation3: i7-980X 24gb (Sapphire RX480 4gb graphics)
currently Vegas 17.452