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About me

Amateur video maker in Manchester UK. One man band, family, church, documentary and some corporate work.
Shoot with Canon XF100/200/305, bit of a sound man on the quiet. Edit MXF Mpeg 2 files in Vegas Pro for last 3 years.
Specs: Vegas Pro 13 (453), Dell Laptop i5 4200U, 1.6GHz, 16GB RAM, Windows 8.1 64bit, NVidia GT750M.

My interests

Good sound for video is a passion of mine and have built up a store of mics etc. Most of my output has been travel/event stuff with my own narration. Not much in the way of special effects just learning to shoot the right shots, cut it smooth, record a good VO track and mix great sound/music (VP great for audio), I love VP (when it doesn't crash!) and hope it continues to develop. Would love to make short docs in the future when time allows.

My signature

Martin Evans, Manchester UK, Electrical Engineer & Hobbyist