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» Everything I ever did to make a living is now just a bunch of expensive hobbies. «

≈ Favorite saying, "Trust me, I'm a producer." ≈

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Retired Musical Director & Producer, Phototechnical Field Engineer and Production Supervisor, Nonprofit Director and Grant Administrator, G/T/2E Educator, Administrator, and Developmental Intervention Design (23 years).

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-- AFM, ASCAP, BMI, ACB, Retired in good standing

Regional Music Direction / Production Credits: West Side Story (1996), The Who's Tommy (1998), Anything Goes (1998, 2000), Suds (2001), Joseph... Technicolor Dreamcoat (2002), Fiddler on the Roof (2003), Little Shop of Horrors (2004), South Pacific (2005), Hello, Dolly! (2005), Grease! (2006), The Sound of Music (school) (2007), Jesus Christ, Superstar (2007), A Funny Thing... Forum (2008), The Fantasticks (1967, 2009)

-- Film and Imaging QA / Technical Training Certifications

Technicolor Corp., Eastman Kodak, Inc., Noritsu, Pako, Hope Industries, Gretag Macbeth, CPI, Pallas Chicago/Denver, Phototron, QMI.

-- A few of my personal Mentors (including a couple I ticked off):

Frank Ishihara, Mike Spencer, Mickey Pallas*, Ted Alexander*, Jim Bragg, Dan Benson*, Jake Balzer, Th.D.*, Fay Smith, M.D.*, Dewey Hatch*, the spirit of Thomas Frosted (White Bear)*, John G. Neihardt*, John Meyer, Teryl Gorrell, Anne Casebeer*, Students who dared, and a couple of annoying Muses*.

My Vegas Articles

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