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About me

I'm an admitted Vegas junkie. Been using since Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video 3.0. I began editing multimedia wayyyyy back in the A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H-roll analog days on 1" (type C) and 3/4" equipment (before betacam was really a "thing") that was shot on cameras with Saticon and Plumbicon tubes for image sensors. Just to see if I could do it, one day I edited an entire TV commercial in just one pass on an analog editor -- with automated video switcher dissolves and GPIs triggering multiple DVI effects, CGs and audio during that single pass. I spent far too much time setting it all up on the front end but it worked -- and it was a marvel to watch in action when I hit the "go" button! Yay "Team Me"! Nowadays that one-pass edit reminds me of rendering a project from a timeline. I had no idea back then I was experiencing (pseudo) non-linear editing on analog equipment back in the early '80s!

My interests

I'm a red-blooded American teenaged guy in an old man's body. I love my family first and foremost, then snow skiing, water skiing, sky diving, flying airplanes and drones, backyard BBQing, editing multimedia, watching big screen TV in a darkened room with my beautiful wife, and drinking occasional beers & margaritas notwithstanding, clean living. Don't use any store-bought margarita mix or fruity blends -- blechhh! Make it from scratch and on the rocks -- yummm! Not a big fan of long walks on the beach -- they're boring and I always manage to unintentionally step in/on something yucky or sharp.

My signature

Note to self (everyone else please look away -- the note that follows is a reminder for mine eyes only): Figure out a clever, kick-booty signature that suggests I'm completely aware of how to properly and exhaustively party on and that I, in fact, engage in said act on a frequent and spontaneous basis. All joking aside, listing my computer's properties is a futile endeavor. I edit multimedia in a local television station newsroom that has Vegas Pro installed on several machines with widely varied specs. We began editing non-linearly with Pinnacle Studio Version 8. That didn't last long before we upgraded to Vegas Video Version 4, then to Vegas Pro 10.