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About me

I've been a casual user of the NLE SVMSP since the 2009 iteration. It's been a mostly frustrating experience made bearable by the helpful folks over at muvipix, Derek from down under, & GuerillaBill. And now I'm finding helpful folks here as well.

My interests

I love recording events (editing less so:) especially sports, music, and aviation related. Even more so when I get paid.

My signature

Call me Moishe

Cameras:  Panasonic AG-AC130A

                 Sony HDR SR-11 (2 of these)   

                 Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Computers:  Alienware i7 3740QM, 2.70 GHz, 16 GB RAM

                    Dell XPS i7 6700, 3.40 GHz, 16 GB RAM