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walter-i. wrote on 6/1/2021, 3:42 AM

Yes, it is always a question of what is best to take for video editing.
The more and complicated transitions and FX you use, the more powerful the computer has to be.
If you want to (or have to) be mobile, it's better to take a laptop, but that costs a lot more for the same configuration.
My PC is now 1.5 years old, before that I had one for 9 years - it just got a bit tedious at the end, and then there were always problems because of the lack of performance.
If you buy something new, it is certainly important to invest in something with a promising future, otherwise you will be back in the queue and dissatisfied again.

There is also good information in the forum for buying laptops.
For example, here:


Alok-Sharma wrote on 6/1/2021, 3:11 AM

You have a Pro level PC configuration.

Once I have learned enough of Vegas Pro, I too would be going for a similar configuration. Right now, I am managing everything on my 7 years old Dell Inspiron 3542 laptop.

P.S. Some of my posts may sound like childish as I am still an amateur in video editing and striving to learn Vegas Pro 18 / Vegas Movie Studio 17 Platinum.