Psychedelic or psychotic?

Cornico schrieb am 27.12.2016 um 22:35 Uhr

With the updated installer for New Blue Titler Express that came with VP14 Pro I saw a new FX in all my Vegas versions.
See screenshot (1).
That one is exactly the same as the number 2 on the screenshot from the NewBlue Starterspack.
Both are activated, but 1 is not working, 2 is working.
To prevent becoming psychotic and to stimulate being psychedelic, I have to keep a well documented administration after a install of a NewBlue "thing".
Everywhere in Vegas installations NB-options show up, some will work and others don't.
Untill now I had only one method to get rid of that rubbish in my interface: deïnstalling and deleting.
Is there another way????


xberk schrieb am 28.12.2016 um 03:50 Uhr

That's included with Video Tuneup. I see that twice in my FX list. But both of them work.

You could use Plugin Manager to rename the one that is dead .. to "dead" .. that is if renaming works at all. I heard somewhere it doesn't work and can cause a crash. I'll leave well enough alone.