kentwolf wrote on 8/1/2005, 1:58 AM
It looks like it was done by:

Subject: RE: Something wierd happening with VidCap audio
Reply by: farss
Date: 8/1/2005 3:51:05 AM
[I wasn't too far behind you... :)]
kentwolf wrote on 8/1/2005, 1:59 AM
On second thought, it actually may have been you!
Chienworks wrote on 8/1/2005, 3:37 AM
Jay Gladwell wrote on 8/1/2005, 4:33 AM

Some kind of inside joke, right?

B.Verlik wrote on 8/1/2005, 12:33 PM
I logged in and it happened to say 30,999 at the moment I logged in. I had already taken a cheap shot when we hit 30,000 and the opportunity was there for me to do it again. So I guess, I just did it again. But I wasn't trying to. I may try at 40 or 50,000.
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