10 bit 4:4:4 and that Indie HD filmmaking white paper?

vitamin_D wrote on 6/22/2004, 3:48 PM
Hey everyone,

I'm glad to see 5.0b out, and I have to commend the Sony team for all the hard work they've done to correct a lot of known issues. Still, I've got some questions/concerns:

Is there the chance that Vegas will ever support 10bit 4:4:4, or 10bit anything for that matter? I know BJ_M and likely a few others already do 10bit work in Vegas, but it's an unofficially recognized colorspace, and I'm not inclined to think that the 8bit processing I understand Vegas capable of (only) suffices for all HD content.

Before you go off and ask in retort if I have the money for a 10bit setup, let me explain that I'm participating in a project to build a DIY 10bit 4:4:4 camera -- we aim to keep the setup under $5,000 when it's all said and done. We're purchasing camera lens/backend setups for about $2,000 and bulding a field-worthy microPC based capture device. Someone's handwriting the capture tool code from scratch. What's needed is an NLE that handles 10bit, and from my understanding, only a handful fit the bill -- Cinelerra (Linux), Avid (Windows), Speed Razor (Windows), and FCP (that other OS). Vegas doesn't make the list? Is there a way to edit 8bit in Vegas but output to 10bit, errr, something... ??

edit: nevermind about the whitepaper in the topic, just noticed it...

...would still like to talk 10bit, though :D


- jim


farss wrote on 6/22/2004, 4:00 PM
Isn't HD 12 bit?
You could look at Sony's XPRI, I believe you can offline in Vegas for that system. Entry price of the XPRI seems to have come recently.
musman wrote on 6/22/2004, 9:44 PM
I've heard of a few people making cameras like that and am very cuious. Any chance for more details and are you thinking of selling them in the future?