12 tracks of hdv kicking my butt!


ddm wrote on 6/5/2010, 12:30 PM
Sebaz, Excalibur predates Vegas Multicam by several years so the two and not really related. It was designed to work precisely in situations like this, where there is a huge system load with multiple tracks. It has the ability to render a PIP of all of your cameras, in whatever format you choose, all the while allowing it's Multicam mode to function fully. I find I don't generally need to render a PIP track, but in cases like 12 tracks of HD, I would do it without hesitation. As far as owning Excalibur, Lawrence, who launched the original thread stated that he already has Excalibur, so for him it seems like a no brainer, for anyone else, who faces purchasing the product, that becomes a little more troublesome. Although, I've owned Excalibur, Ultimate S and Infiniticam for many years and they have all proved well worth their fee of entry.

>>>>>RE...it must render lots of small size and bitrate tracks to another multicam track and then show just that new track. Otherwise, it would be just a plain track showing a tile of all the tracks, but you wouldn't be able to make any decisions.