16X9 and 4X3 clarification

Paul_Holmes wrote on 5/20/2003, 1:42 PM
About to buy DVD Architect (Sonic was nice enough to send me a discounted upgrade pricing) but would like some clarification for those who know. According to some earlier posts it appears you can't mix a 4X3 and a 16X9 movie in one menu. However it appears you could have an opening menu with say 2 buttons, the first button leads to another menu, which could then lead to a 16X9 movie, the second button would lead to a different menu which would lead to a 4X3 movie. Does anyone know if this is correct?


AlistairLock wrote on 5/20/2003, 4:28 PM
I've successfully and without any trouble made a DVD where a button from the front menu starts a 4:3 animation, and another starts a 16:9 animation. A third button drops you into a scene selection menu for the various 16:9 animation chapters.

Hope that helps
Paul_Holmes wrote on 5/20/2003, 4:38 PM
Thanks, SalvD. It's not that important right now, but it kind of adds to the lustre of the product if you can mix both. When I get it I'll have to do some experimenting.