2 updates and still have slow-down-speed-up problems

teknal wrote on 4/9/2003, 3:03 PM
Sonic Foundry, any projected timeline for fixing this??? I upgraded to V4 & DVDA as soon as it was available and updated DVDA twice now (a & b) and the jerky slow-down-speed-up problem is still present when I play discs on my Apex's. When will this be fixed? I also have a question about the free 60 days of support. I placed my first call soon after getting DVDA because of the blocky menus and the skipping video problem. Because of these major problems I have not been able to use DVDA at all. Who should I contact at Sonic Foundry to request that my 60 days free support for DVDA be reset?

Here are two other problems:

_ Double clicking a .dar project does not bring up the project. DVDA starts but it starts with the default project instead of loading the one that was double-clicked. It's easy enough to work around by going to the recent list but shouldn't it load the project if double clicked? I reported this during the first week DVDA was out.

_ If you double-click on the "Current Cursor Time" it doesn't allow a right-click to paste. V4 allows a right click to paste in the "Current Position" field (ctrl-v works). Also, a ctrl-g feature would be nice in DVDA to highlight the Current Cursor Time like V4 does.


teknal wrote on 4/11/2003, 4:17 PM
Sonic Foundry, any answers?

mountainman wrote on 4/11/2003, 5:19 PM
Teknal, I found that if I make an ac3 dvd the skipping problem is 99.9% fixed... Most disk play fine in the same player that would not work before. this is not a fix but it's worth a try.
John M.
teknal wrote on 4/11/2003, 6:39 PM
Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestion but being NTSC, DVDA only allows AC3 (and PCM). So to make a long story short I am creating the project with AC3 audio. I've done it both ways by letting DVDA re-encode the audio and also by generating it from V4 myself and designating it in DVDA.

This problem is very noticeable on my two Apex AD-1500's. Every so often (varies by a minute or so up to a few minutes) the video speeds up and slows down.

Check out this thread:
Thread link

Download the second example named "dvda_problem_2.wmv". That will demonstrate this problem.

I would like to use DVDA for my projects but can't because it produces discs that play like the samples, every single project I've tried in DVDA that is longer than a couple of minutes exhibits this problem in my players.