3.6 GB mpg file into DVD Architect results in 9.6 GB est. project size

John-Rasche wrote on 5/27/2020, 1:43 PM

I generate a 3.6 MB mpg file in Vegas Pro 17.0 and insert it as a single movie into DVD Architect Pro 6.0 (Build 257). The estimated project size is 9.6 GB, 206% of 4.7 GB DVD media. Why is this and how can it correct it? My operating system is Windows 10 on a PC.


Former user wrote on 5/27/2020, 2:09 PM

Go ahead and prepare to a folder or ISO. If the file size still exceeds your 3.6 by that much, then you know it is a problem. DVDA is notorious for incorrectly estimating final size, but I have never seen this big an error.

John-Rasche wrote on 5/28/2020, 12:27 AM

No, DVDA was going to recompress.

The mpg file that I added to DVDA was rendered from a 2 hour 33 minute file in Vegas Pro 17.0 using Program Stream NTSC from Main Concept MPEG-2, with customized template of about 3,500,000 bps (average) to result in a mpg file about 3.6 MB.

I got two error messages:

The video "name".mpg on track2 'Video' in "name" will be recompressed

The estimated size of the project is larger than the default space available on media

I also had 3 warning messages:

The audio on track 1 of "name" will be recompressed

The end action of "name" uses the most recent command.....

The remote button action of "name" uses the most recent...…

The message at the bottom of these messages was:

Estimated Project Size 9.655 MB (206% of 4.700 GB media)


I also tried for another DVD to combine several small mpg files that used an average of 6,000,000 bps second (the default value) when rendered from Vegas Pro. I used the menu based project in DVDA to combine them and they totaled much lower than 4.7 GB but also showed Estimated project size well above that. 


I must not understand something here. Any help will be greatly appreciated!




John-Rasche wrote on 5/28/2020, 12:30 AM

Dot: I did try "Prepare" to a file (without burning) and the resulting file was large as estimated.

EricLNZ wrote on 5/28/2020, 3:21 AM

The massive increase in file size is due to the recompression to a higher bitrate as set by the project settings. I can understand the audio recompression as the Program Stream template uses mpeg layer 2 for the audio which would get converted. But the video compression is a mystery.

Try exporting from Vegas using the Video Stream template customized and a separate audio export. Use identical file names and DVDA will automatically pick up the audio when you add the video.

Another thought - What max bitrate did you customise to in your Program stream mpeg export?

Former user wrote on 5/28/2020, 6:49 AM

Do you by any chance have your DVDA project set as a Bluray instead of a DVD? Maybe you can post a screen shot of the project settings in DVDA and the recompression settings.

John-Rasche wrote on 5/28/2020, 9:45 AM

Thank you to both Dot and Eric. I was using DVD, not Blu Ray. I can see that my problem is the compressed file (3.6 bps in Vegas to reduce size below 4.7 GB) is being recompressed to a higher bit rate. I am currently rendering as separate video and audio streams and using 3.6 average bit rate (I haven't changed the max bit rate from the default). Should I change the bit rate from 8.0 shown under properties in DVDA to 3.6 to avoid recompression? I will experiment and try to understand how to use DVDA better.

Former user wrote on 5/28/2020, 9:47 AM

No don't change the bitrate in DVDA. That only comes into play when rendering menus or, in your case, when it needs to recompress the video. Hopefully separate files will fix it for you.

John-Rasche wrote on 5/28/2020, 10:08 AM

Rendering as separate files (which I always used to do) is working. I am in the middle of a project to convert VHS tapes to DVD's and decided to use the Program Stream NTSC template in Main Concept MPEG-2 format with the results mentioned. Thank you for getting me through this!!