32-Bit Color Processing Breaks NewBlueTitler Pro?

vtxrocketeer wrote on 11/5/2011, 1:04 PM
Vegas 11 64-bit. 1920x1080 timeline. 8-bit color processing. Apply NB Titler to generated media or empty event. Text looks normal.

When I switch to 32-bit floating point color processing, the NB text gets crunched and heavily distorted toward the bottom of the preview screen. Renders look the same. Absolutely horrid. The same occurs when I try the above in Vegas 11.0 32 bit version.

Then, back in 11.0 x64, I nested an 8-bit title veggie into my 32-bit color processing timeline in a separate project. Voila! The title looks normal.

OK, this is a kludge workaround that gets me what I want. But why doesn't the NB Titler work 'natively' in either 11.0 32 or 64 and in a 32-bit color processing project? Anyone else seen this?



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