4k Samsung files offset adio and video

John Lewis wrote on 2/28/2015, 8:09 AM
When i add some Samsung S5 files to timeline they have an offset between video and audio
The video can be 10 frames shorter than video or vice versa and some can display properly
To correct this i have to either split audio from video and drag the length of audio or alternatively
place clip in preview which shows both audio and video being identical length and add to timeline

I have tried in 2 other NLEs which don`t show the problem

Any suggestions
I have a screen shot which i could post but cannot see a way to do this


Steve Grisetti wrote on 2/28/2015, 8:17 AM
What format of video does that device produce?MOV files are sometimes challenging for Vegas to decipher, so you'll need to know the exact specs of the file.

It's also possible the video uses a codec like MJPEG, which does not edit as easily as a number of formats and codecs.

You can find out the specs of your video file by opening it in the free download Media Info.

Most import are the video file's dimensions, frame rate and, above all, audio and video codecs.
John Lewis wrote on 2/28/2015, 10:04 AM
Files are Mpeg4 AVC 30fps with AAC audio
Project is 3849*2160 29.97fps