mike_2004z wrote on 5/24/2004, 8:30 PM

Yes, your menu(s) audio can be AC3 stereo or/and your main video in 5.1 (and vise versal).

Select [Make DVD] -> [Prepare DVD] or [Prepare & Burn DVD] -> [Optimize...] option. You can change final audio output format for each of your menu(s) and video clips from there.

digitalson wrote on 5/25/2004, 8:23 AM
or can i have a video track with audio 1 be stereo and audio track 2 be 5.1 ac3?
Neil Wilkes wrote on 5/26/2004, 8:17 AM
You should be able to just add a second audio stream to the timeline.
Set track 1 to stereo, then track 2 to Surround.
or whatever way you want