64-bit VST plug-ins in 64-bit Vegas

Randy Hayes wrote on 9/8/2009, 7:59 AM
I posted a topic before asking for feedback on user experiences with 32-bit VST audio plug-ins in 64-bit Vegas, as I was told that this was not officially supported. Since then, I have discovered that one of my existing plugs (Ozone 3) already installed a 64-bit version for use in a 64-bit host. Problem is, when I go into Vegas' options, and select only the 64-bit VSTplugins folder as the location for VST plug-ins, Vegas 9 64-bit finds nothing.

Anyone had any better luck than I have at accessing 64-bit VSTs in 64-bit Vegas?


Randy Hayes wrote on 9/8/2009, 10:53 AM
Uninstalling the 32-bit version of Vegas so that only the 64-bit version of Vegas 9 was on my PC did nothing to change the situation. Vegas only recognizes the 32-bit VSTs. Oddly, it sees the 64-bit DX version of the iZotope Ozone plug-ins.

Again, anyone out there getting Vegas 64-bit to see 64-bit VSTs?
Randy Hayes wrote on 9/8/2009, 11:02 AM
By the way, I'm referencing this knowledge base article: http://www.custcenter.com/cgi-bin/sonypictures.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=4327

Four key factors must exist for optimal Vegas Pro (64-bit) performance:

1.The PC architecture has to be 64-bit.
2.You must be running a Windows Vista 64-bit operating system.
3.You must be running Vegas Pro (64-bit) on the computer.
4.Supporting partner offerings, like hardware and plug-ins, must also be 64-bit capable.


Check, check, check, and check. So what does it mean if Vegas still does not function as advertised?
pwppch wrote on 9/8/2009, 1:44 PM
I am looking into this issue.

Randy Hayes wrote on 9/9/2009, 7:51 AM
Thanks Peter. I am convinced that VST handling in V9 64-bit is one of its major hangups. I have spent the past two months -- literally hours a day -- testing and testing to try to find the common element that makes Vegas 64 unmistakably unusable in its current state. I have an open ticket with support (which it seems has become a place for me to hold conversations with myself). If you're actively seeking to help solve these major issues, I can provide a list here of the most significant show-stoppers. Otherwise, I'm happy to go on having conversations with myself here too. When it comes to software woes, I've found I have a lot in common lately.
Randy Hayes wrote on 9/15/2009, 8:40 AM
How's this one shaping up? I continue to see confirmations of my suspicion that Vegas 9's handling of VST audio plug-ins in general is a major problem area. I just got two blue screens in a row in Vista Home Premium 64 (which doesn't happen ever, unless I'm using Vegas) when using a Korg VST plug-in in the 32-bit version of Vegas 9b.
pwppch wrote on 9/15/2009, 9:26 AM
How's this one shaping up?

There is a bug that prevents 64 bit VSTs from being used in Vegas 64 bit. This will be addressed in an update.

I continue to see confirmations of my suspicion that Vegas 9's handling of VST audio plug-ins in general is a major problem area. I just got two blue screens in a row in Vista Home Premium 64 (which doesn't happen ever, unless I'm using Vegas) when using a Korg VST plug-in in the 32-bit version of Vegas 9b.

Which Korg VST are you using?

BSOD are hardware crashes. Vegas' VST handling can not directly cause a BSOD, only a kernel mode component can do this. Vegas does have any kernal mode components. My guess is that Korg uses a copy protection mechanism that has kernel code - i.e. a dongle.

The more details on specific VST plug-in issues you have would be very helpful.


Randy Hayes wrote on 9/15/2009, 1:37 PM
Yes, you're definitely hitting on something. The Korg plug-in came bundled with some VSTi synths (Legacy Collection with M1 and Wavestation) which require a USB dongle (Syncrosoft) for licensing protection. A few weeks back, I wondered it the dongle was the cause of the bsod, so I moved it to a different port, updated drivers, uninstalled/reinstalled, etc. So if you're right, I should be able to pull that and have no more problems. I just can't use my Korg synths anymore :(
Randy Hayes wrote on 9/15/2009, 6:05 PM
Alright, I feel like I have a pretty significant update. After last posting, I found a brand new version of the license software and drivers for the usb dongle, and did the update. I knew what I did that recently crashed Vegas, so I did that again. It goes, create an audio track and add the Korg MDE-X plug-in, then duplicate the track. Unfortunately, it did the same as before: Vegas hangs, I force close, then bsod. I tried again, this time removing the usb key before force closing the hung Vegas 9, and no bsod.

Now, here's the crazy part. I took the key to my 32-bit Vista machine, and got the same hanging from Vegas 9. But, in Vegas 8, it can duplicate that track over and over without batting an eyelash! So is it hardware or indeed something wacky going on in Vegas 9?! I'll reinstall 8.0 on my 64-bit machine and report whether or not it hangs when performing those same steps. I'll also see if any particular other 3rd party plugs that don't rely on hardware dongle can make it hang in the same way.
Randy Hayes wrote on 9/15/2009, 6:44 PM
Yep, 8.1 behaved just like 8.0 did on my 32-bit Vista machine -- no hanging, no bsod with the Korg plug-in that requires a USB dongle.

(Incidentally, I installed 8.0 on my 64-bit machine, but it wouldn't even launch the program without crashing. Tried running in compatibility mode, running as an administrator, nothing helped.)
Randy Hayes wrote on 9/16/2009, 5:50 AM
Maybe this will also provide some insight. On my 64-bit Vista machine, I noticed that Vegas 9 lists a lot more plug-ins than version 8.1 finds. Seems to be stuff associated with other applications that really aren't supposed to be used as "effects." For example, there's a series of CyberLink plugs as well as a few by Adobe, such as an AC3 encoder, etc. (most likely related to CS4 being installed). When I attempted to use one of the Adobe ones, it alerted me that it required a hardware key (?), but it didn't crash the program. However, when I attempted to add the "CyberLink TimeStretch Filter (CES)" DX plug-in to an audio track, it blue screened the PC.

But of particular interest was that Vegas 8 doesn't even list those plug-ins.

In other news, the Native Instruments Combo Amp series of VST plugs that came with Acid Pro 7 seem to give Vegas 9 fits, but not Vegas 8. Example being that I dropped two instances into the tracks of a Vegas 9 project and hit play, then closed the application, which made Vegas crash (but not bsod). Did the same thing in 8.1 and it did not hang or crash.

These are the kinds of things I'm referring to when I say I'm convinced that audio plug-ins are a problem area in Vegas 9 where previous versions were far more stable.
Randy Hayes wrote on 9/21/2009, 3:16 PM
Just wondered if these recent comments were helpful?
Peter Vred wrote on 11/25/2009, 7:19 AM
Randy or Peter,

I found this thread in a search.

I recently bought into Vegas 9 for my *64-Bit Windows 7* laptop,
as Vegas 7 was having issues with new (Auto-tune EVO) plugin.

Now, as you both already know, my (old 32-bit) Waves plugs don't show up at all in V9 Plugin Mgr.
So in order to accommodate Auto-tune, I had to upgrade and lost ALL my other old plugins.

So, bottom line, does running 64-bit V9 means no 32-bit plugs...ever?
No future update to allow them?

As a fix...If I uninstall 64-bit and load 32-bit V9, it will see then see the plugins on my 64-bit Machine?
Peter Vred wrote on 11/25/2009, 5:00 PM
Yes, loading 32-bit Vegas 9 put my plugins back in order.
I left the 64-bit version installed as well.