6K video H265 on the time line

D7K wrote on 7/13/2019, 9:39 AM

I just love Vegas. Been seeing that neither Resolve nor Premier can open the 6K videos files created from the G9 (HEVC, 265 with sound) when using 6K photo. Files record around 200Mbytes (Handbrake decoded one to MP4 264 @ 220.

With 2.3 times the data of 4K for specific types of shots (Pan+Crop) or cropping on wildlife video work flow has a real value for me. You set the camera to stop/start (thats how you get sound) in the 6K mode, set your other parameters and you can record upto 10 minutes of 6K video on the G9 (I never exceed that length for a clip).

I did Handbrake just to make sure I had something VegasPRO could read, much to my surprise it handled the H265 6K file straight from the camera with no issues. Made a proxy, did a Pan & Crop, and rendered to 4K. 20 seconds of video on my i7700 4200 32 gig ram 500 gig SSD render windows 10 took 4 minutes for a 20 second clip, but what resolution on the Pan & Crop - important for wildlife. These can be really, really large files and I use 128 Gig 300MD cards.

Without the renders of course on my machine timeline performance of the 6K without proxies were very frustrating, but using the builtin tools the proxies the work flow was fast and clean.BTW I used to have heat issues but went liquid cooling and 6 premium fans and I can render as long as I want.

Just this one thing has changed my mind about upgrading to 17, I can see where the nesting in my project with mixing 4K, 1080P, and 6K would come in very handy.



petecarney wrote on 7/14/2019, 12:53 AM

I have a GH5 and shoot 3:2 ratio '6K' quite often for wildlife and find it to be the best recording format the GH5 has. I'm assuming the G9 has the same. You can set your cam to either 4:3 ratio or 3:2 ratio in the photo menu. This carries over to 6k recording. The 3:2 is wider (over 5000 pixels wide) and I find it to be much better fit to output 16:9 in either 1080 or 4K. Just my preference though.


As for editing, your specs on your computer don't show what graphics card you have. If it's just the onboard video, I'd highly recommend getting a dedicated gtx 1050ti or better video card and allowing hardware acceleration in Vegas Pro. It will halve or quarter your render times for 4K output from a dedicated on the mobo video setup if that's what you happen to have.


My home editing station is an i7 3770 and an gtx 1050ti. It takes roughly 4 times real time to render 6K stock to Magix AVC 4K output at vbr 24mbps average and 48mbps peak quality. It's an epic image on my 43" HDR 4K TV I use exclusively now as a monitor !!!


For reference my work machine is a new Threadripper 1950x cpu and Radeon VII video card. It renders the same 6K source to 4K in faster than real time or about 85% of real time. GPU acceleration really can make a huge difference.


Cheers, Pete





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VEGAS Pro 16 (b424)

CAMS - GX9, GH5, S1, Mavic Pro

Computer - AMD 1950x Threadripper, Radeon VII, ASRock X399 Taichi MB, 32 gig DDR4 2400. SATA 500gig SSD, Sony XBR-43X800D display

D7K wrote on 7/14/2019, 1:26 AM

Pete GPU is AMD480 8 gig