8 min documentary (w/XH-A1)

xjerx wrote on 7/24/2007, 6:39 PM
Just finished a short 8 minute piece that preludes an hour long piece of the same topic. Followed the youth missions team from my church down to panama city and the san blas islands and documented their work (and fun). Shot it with a canon xh-a1..everything else done in vegas 7.


let me know what you think...

and..as requested...here is a DISCLAIMER! As this is a church project..it contains material regarding Jesus...so if He offends you...don't watch...



FightingIllini1977 wrote on 7/24/2007, 6:58 PM
I'm very impressed with the canon xh-a1 video. How long does it take to transfer a full HD DV Videocassette (just curious) into Vegas?
xjerx wrote on 7/24/2007, 7:10 PM
if you mean just capturing...its in reall time..so a 60min tape..takes 60minutes....if you are using HDlink and converting the m2t files to cineform on the fly I've heard it take just a little longer than real time (i don't have this so i don't know for sure)...
FightingIllini1977 wrote on 7/26/2007, 5:28 PM
Yes, I was just meaning capturing the video into Vegas. Thanks for the info. I'm trying to decide between a HDD or tape camcorder.
FrigidNDEditing wrote on 7/26/2007, 6:45 PM
I'm working so I couldn't watch all of it, but it looked like the footage quality was pretty good, (however it was compressed enough that I'm not gonna see some of the finer flaws had they been there) the story telling from what I was watching was pretty fluid. I did think the graphic was a little dramatic for such a light intro, but there could be a lot of explanations for that, and I quickly got past it. Overall it looked like it was pretty decent. (You might want to warn folks that it's religious in nature because the last time there was a video posted with religious material in it, it sparked this HUGE thread that eventually got locked down if not deleted completely, but it was all because someone was offended that they listened to Christian material without any warning, so as a practice it is now proper practice to put that in a post linking a religious video).

xjerx wrote on 7/26/2007, 8:15 PM
hmmm...that saddens me that people are offended...but thanks for the heads up dave. Yeah, the compression stinks..i had a better version up but it was just to big for download and transfer from my server. oh well...i'll put up a disclaimer..

MUTTLEY wrote on 7/26/2007, 8:24 PM
"Followed the youth missions team from my church..."

What more of a "disclaimer" would people need? Not that I think that something like this should even require a disclaimer. But yes, I do remember that thread.

Regardless, looked awesome amigo, and thought that you did a great job with the narration. The kid in the bucket, great shot! Brought a genuine smile to my face. Bravo.

- Ray
Jim H wrote on 7/26/2007, 10:31 PM
Looked pretty good to me. I found it interesting that they build out the land on packed sea grass. That must really stink as it breaks down, no? Brings a new meaning to "the higher power."
vegemite wrote on 7/26/2007, 11:36 PM
I also enjoyed your production. I was impressed with your images, for one thing. As an owner of an XH-A1 myself, I can get nothing like it -- I have little success getting black blacks and adequately saturated colours (checked on a vectorscope and waveform monitor in console, actually).

Can you tell me, did you run the camera in "default" mode or use a custom preset? I have little luck with either and am just about convinced my camera is faulty. If I could get your results, I would be a happy man! Thanks for any response.
Grazie wrote on 7/26/2007, 11:51 PM
That Canon XH-A1 is just soooo calling me!!

I liked the shot selection/s against the loose commentary

I reeeeaally liked the off shore item with the sail boats and that heavy sky.

I was impressed with the internal low light.

All that "faded" paint-work just speaks volumes.

Tech Qs:

1 - What camera presets/settings did you use?

2 - How much/detailed Colour Grading in Vegas(?) did you use and WHERE? This would be neat to know, considering just what you were able to get with the Canon.

3 - What if any "other" mic-ing did you use and in which case what did you use to finalize the Audio?

Great work. Real and immediate!


xjerx wrote on 7/27/2007, 12:12 AM
haha...yeah..it does have a nice smell to it. They actually first take coral and stack that up..then put the sea grass with the dirt on top...its really amazing.

I LOVE my A1! First camera i've bought (always borrowed)...I used the vividrgb (I think thats what it's called) preset found on dvinfo.net...and for some of the real low light stuff i used a lowlight setting from the same source with about 12-18db gain..and shutter sometimes to 1/24.

The version on the web right now is actually NOT color (colour :o) graded at all. This was a rushed job so I haven't had a chance to do the real CC i want to do...i'm currently working on the long form version of this piece..so the color grading will have to wait a bit. So, what you see is all Canon.

Microphones...For most of the interviews I used a Sennheiser ew 100 G2...and for everything else..and some of the interviews I used an on camera Sennheiser ME 66 short shotgun. I did do some audio tweaking in post..basically some noise reduction..but my audio skills are slim. I'm working on that.

oh...and the stuff that's out on the water..(and under the water)...well..that's none other than an Canon HV10

Again, thanks for taking the time to watch and critique...I appreciate all your comments and advice!

Grazie wrote on 7/27/2007, 12:42 AM
Cheers - J!
FrigidNDEditing wrote on 7/27/2007, 1:07 AM
alright, I just finished working for the .... morning I guess... and I watched the rest of it.

What beautiful footage man (even in the compression) I just thought, man that's just wonderful, and then to find out that it's all canon and not touched by post work; really quite impressive.

Gotta say those interviews looked really nice - they probably were some of the nicest interviews I've seen in that kind of situation in quite a while. (now I'm all tempted to toss the EX and go pick up a couple A1's). That's just a beautiful camera.

As for the piece, I thought it was great. Not only was it flowing (though there were a couple of points I thought could have been re-done snippet off of this or that) by and large the piece can stand on it's own two legs, and I've definately been on those (can I have this Sunday?) jobs where on Friday you are getting first wind of it :).

In Fact I just threw a deal together very much so of that nature for my church not long ago (every time I do a video for them :P ). I'll post a couple of links for ya here (but don't let me steal the show, just go about your business).

inner city missions trip where I only shot interviews and then cut it all together
1 day turnaround express(where do you think I got the Day-Vids productions :) certainly not my name :P

Alright time for me to pull just a few z's before I start all over again. Great stuff man, very nice.


Laurence wrote on 7/27/2007, 1:37 AM
I liked everything but the slow fade with the logo at the beginning. For a minute I wasn't sure if there was a codec problem or something when I heard just the audio.
xjerx wrote on 7/27/2007, 1:52 AM
i loved your stuff dave! I wish I could have done some nice sit down interviews with proper lighting and everything like you've got going on...but it was just more of just make it work. Those last minute videos are killer.

Yeah..i'm going to fine tune it a bit more. I"ve noticed a few places myself that it can be shaped up, but that will be for the DVD.

Well, its time to stop for the night... I'm off to bed as well..it's 5 am here... :o(