A good Fireware IEEE 1394 for Vegas?

juan2004 wrote on 3/21/2006, 7:19 AM
Hello, Im finding a good tarjet Fireware IEEE 1394 for work with Vegas 6, exactly when Im editing video in real time, and here there are main questions, can you help me please?

1.- Wich tarjet's brand IEEE 1394 is ideal for Vegas?

2.- With a IEEE 1394, can I capture compose(analog) or digital video (camera DV) (if it's analog sure I must to use a converter)

3.- For to see the signal out from the PC in a TV is nesecary use a converter between cable IEEE and the RCA input of the TV?

Thank you for your replies.




Spot|DSE wrote on 3/21/2006, 7:38 AM
Any OHCI-compatible 1394 card is fine, but best luck has been had with cards that use the TI chipset and not the Lucent or VIA chipset. SIIG, ADS, Unibrain, Orange Micro seem to be the least troublesome cards out there.

You'll be able to preview video externally with a digital to analog converter with a 1394 card, yes. You'll also be able to print to tape with the card and a DV camcorder.

find more answers and tutorials on installing OHCI or using a card/converter.

Chienworks wrote on 3/21/2006, 7:39 AM
1 - most any brand is fine these days. Make sure it's OHCI compliant, though probably all of them made in the last couple of years are.

2 - Yes. Canopus makes some good converters. Check out the ADVC-110.

3 - Yes. You can use the same converter that you use for capturing in #2.
juan2004 wrote on 3/21/2006, 7:45 PM
Thanks for your replies!!

Now, I have a clear idea about the IEEE 1394.
I will take note of each feature at time to but it.