a little glitch when play is pressed......

TubeLover wrote on 7/6/2004, 9:22 PM
I am running a 46 track project with 12 songs on it. If i press play at the begining of the project the song starts clear. Then if I hit stop and go more in the middle or towards the end of the project, when i press play and there is sort of a pop or distortion sound. if i press stop then play in that exact spot again, by the second or third time it will play back clear as if it has something to do with loading the waves or something.I'm running 2 delta 1010's and am in ASIO on a 3.20 zeon with 800fsb and a gig of memory and an nvidia 5200fx
also..a few days ago I did a project with a guy who used reason to make an instrumental and rendered all the seperate parts of the beat to separate tracks on a cd. Naturally, i used extract audio fom cd. When I lined up the waves and hit play there would be a huge delay and sometimes a crash. I extracted the tracks with media player since they where 44,100 and 16 and the problem stopped.Weird.
and lastly... I did a session with a guy who had a laptop with acid 4.0 projects on zip that he was mixing in my B room and rendering to a 44,100 wave. When I would open the wave in vegas 5 to rec. vox, the beat would sound slowed down and had sort of the effect of a wav pulled into acid with the bpm too fast. The same wave pulled into 3.0 stayed the way it was rendered. It was like 5.0 was trying to support acid properties, but when i switched the ruler to the bpm of the wave, ti didn't change. What am I doing wrong. Thanks for your time and help.


farss wrote on 7/7/2004, 12:35 AM
The last bit I can help you with. Vegas now supports beat mapping, right click the track and disable time stretching or get V5.0b where it's disabled under preferences.
Foreverain4 wrote on 7/7/2004, 5:54 AM
you said that you have 12 songs in the same project? these would be pretty big files then. it may be that vegas and your computer needs to orient itself a bit. put your cursor where you want to start in the middle of the project. wait about 5 seconds, then press play.
Sari wrote on 7/7/2004, 6:25 AM
Sometimes when you have an effect such as delay or distortion on a track or bus, if you stop playing and start again right away, you hear the tail of the effect. This is why if you stop for a longer time you will not hear it, and play sounds fine.
TubeLover wrote on 7/7/2004, 11:04 AM
I used the vegas 4.0e 21 day full version demo today and had none of these problems. I think the playback noise I'm hearing is diffrent than what your thinking. I know what you mean though.Thanks for your time.
TubeLover wrote on 7/7/2004, 11:06 AM
thanks for the tip about the time stretch properties farss!!!!!It worked
PeterVred wrote on 7/8/2004, 12:49 PM
My play button glitched too, when running 5.0a.
5.0b cured.