A problem with the 365 packages that is easily fixable.

Mohammed_Anis wrote on 7/16/2019, 1:56 PM

First of all, I'd like to report that my conversation with customer care has been splendid thus far. Magix staff are very courteous and prompt with their responses.

I was surprised to learn that cancelling my Vegas Pro 365 requires that I email Magix to get it done. (Already did)

However, for a layman customer who doesn't take the time to GOOGLE solutions and isn't quite internet savy, I find it rather inconvenient. ESPICIALLY when such instructions aren't given out right at the very page where you see your contracts/subscriptions. I had to find a forum thread that explained the means of cancelling.

If I can be perfectly honest, I'm surprised the option of cancelling out your subscription isn't made available. These E-commerce facilities are practically available as plugins/templates, so unless web development is leveraging an outdated apache source code, I don't see why on earth this can't be made available.

But, but, let's not drill too much in it. Fine.

Guys. At LEAST make a note where its obvious (My Contracts in the account page would be a good choice) what a customer has to do to get out of the subscription. Relying on emails sent or customers to go out of their to search for this stuff is hardly an ideal way to make your services accessible.




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