Chienworks wrote on 11/13/2001, 7:16 PM
Hmmmm. I can't imagine this would be possible. Maybe someone else
knows better, but Vegas just isn't designed to handle loops.

May i ask what it is you're trying to accomplish? There might be other
ways to get there that we can help you with.
CDM wrote on 11/13/2001, 7:43 PM
maybe something that we might push for for Vegas Audio 3?

IRLoopy wrote on 11/13/2001, 8:55 PM
Well it's like this - I've been using Acid for quite some time and have some Acid projects that I wanted to play around with in the Vegas demo. These projects have both pre-recorded loop based tracks and self-recorded disc based tracks. Being new to Vegas I assumed that you could construct loop tracks in Vegas just like Acid.

allon wrote on 11/13/2001, 9:30 PM
is this what your talking about?
i use loops in vegas all the time and its great!
it goes like this......
export each loop from acid(its under file).
i usually save at project tempo.
set grid in vegas to same tempo as in acid.(its a perfect match!)
open loops in vegas.
and add one pound butter and a dash of salt as your taste requires.
cut and paste as needed.
SonyEPM wrote on 11/13/2001, 9:45 PM
A kind of sleazy way to bring your acid project into Vegas: Output the ACID porject as .wav, separate stereo.

This creates a continuous .wav file for each ACID track, and you can open all those up in Vegas as separate tracks in a single right-click drag, drop on timeline operation.

Not to elegant, but it works-
Tech44 wrote on 11/14/2001, 12:20 AM
You'd think Batch Converter would do that... :(
IRLoopy wrote on 11/14/2001, 9:33 AM
Thanks everyone for the info. I'll give these suggestions a try tonight.