Chienworks wrote on 4/11/2006, 3:08 PM
Sorry, it doesn't appear to work.

Then again, Vegas still supports things that ACID won't touch, including multiple events on a video track, multiple video tracks, and velocity envelopes. Yeah, yeah, that's not important to audio users, i know. But the Vegas file spec does allow this and ACID can't do it, so there are conflicts.
klyon wrote on 4/11/2006, 3:55 PM
Too bad they couldn't figure out a way to filter out incompatibilities so all us long time audio users could load our projects. But I've done some research and found a few other things that would really bug me, like not being able to just slide events from track to track and such. Too bad. I'd love to be able to use sony stuff again and let Sonar go. (Although, to be honest and surprisingly enough, Tracktion is in some ways even faster and more logical than Vegas -- things like the scrollwheel doing zoom over the tracks and vertical scrolling when the pointer is over the input/output section...)