Add a specified gap between each medias of the selected track

Kenshin9977 wrote on 8/7/2019, 4:40 PM


So I have Vegas 16 and in my project I have 2 000 audios of dialogues. The issue is that every of the audio files are back-to-back and I want to separate each of them with a gap of 0.25s.

Manually it would take too long and I didn't find a core function of Vegas that allows that. SInce it might be usefull for other projects of which I'm working it would be quite usefull to have a script that does that. I also searched a script that does that but didn't seem to find one that does what I want.

Does such a script already exists ? Even a paying one ?

Thanks in advance


Marco. wrote on 8/7/2019, 5:03 PM

Post deleted because I posted a non-working script.

Former users wrote on 8/7/2019, 5:16 PM

The function Placemente in Quick Properties of the Vegasaur too does this.

Kenshin9977 wrote on 8/7/2019, 5:18 PM


Thank you a lot, that's about what I need.

But after testing it, it seems there is an issue. I do have an added gap of 12 frames but the medias are prolonged/truncated

Marco. wrote on 8/7/2019, 5:34 PM

Sorry, I modified something on a wrong base. I deleted my former post for this reason. I'll see if I could get a correct one.

Marco. wrote on 8/7/2019, 6:02 PM

No way now, sorry. If you can use Vegasaur, see Veg's posting above.

jetdv wrote on 8/9/2019, 10:40 AM

Excalibur will certainly do this as well.