Adding media more than once using in and out points

willphil wrote on 2/11/2003, 10:12 AM
I have a slow, unreliable internet connection, so I purchased the boxed version of V4-DVDA, so I can't test this myself. In the DVDA beta it looks like you can add the same media repeatedly and not increase the amount of disc spaced used.

I have an 8 minute promo that has 4 chapters. The first chapter is just a lead in. I have added the media to a menu 4 times. The first plays all the way through the 8 minutes. The next 3 I set in and out points in each that correspond to chapters 2, 3 and 4. Each chapter plays and returns to to the menu.

My question is the disc usage does not change when I add the media more than once. Is DVDA smart enough to recognize that it is dealing with the same media file and only places it on the DVD once?


xactoz wrote on 2/11/2003, 1:13 PM
correct, DVDA only uses one copy of the media pointed to.
I just created a DVD similar to your scenario, using a single
media file, referenced by 6 different events, each with
different lead in/out points. Only one copy of the media
is on the final DVD directory structure.
willphil wrote on 2/11/2003, 7:37 PM

I don't need to do that often, but it is good to know I can.
Looking forward to my own DVDA to test.
Thanks again.