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silvercn wrote on 4/21/2010, 7:23 PM
Hello - This is my first post on this forum. Architect comes with a limited amount of fx plug-ins. Is there not a way to import others - since I have several that I use with other DAWs and would like to incorporate with CD-A. So far I have not been able to find a way to add any plug-ins - yet there seems to be a folder for them when you open the event fx window????!!

Second question - can tracks in CD-A be saved to mp3, intact with their settings - so far my way of doing this is to first burn a CD, then rip and convert to mp3

Thanks !!!


Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/21/2010, 8:18 PM
CD-A automatically detects any installed DX plugins on startup. VST plugins need to be run via a DX-VST Wrapper, which itself will be detected as a DX plug.

Save to MP3 ? No. You can do the CD-then-to-MP3 thing with whatever ripper you use, but equally you could convert your original source files to MP3 directly without involving CD-A at all.

silvercn wrote on 4/21/2010, 9:23 PM
Thanks - Could you please explain a little more about a DX-VST wrapper. Is any VST able to be a DX format, or must they come that way to begin with ???
Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/22/2010, 2:11 AM
A VST-Wrapper is like a 'blank' DX plugin that acts as a host to a VST plugin (or plugins) that you load into it.

Search for Acon EffectChainer
+ ?????

silvercn wrote on 4/22/2010, 1:36 PM
silvercn wrote on 4/22/2010, 2:38 PM
so can any VST be "wrapped" in DX???
Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/23/2010, 5:00 PM
Pretty much yes. There may be a few that don;t work.

The Acon wrapper works both ways (VST-DX and DX-VST), and can included a mixture of plug types.