Adobe Encore Question

MarcS wrote on 5/12/2004, 5:25 AM
I currently use Adobe Encore for DVD creation in conjunction with my Vegas 5 video editing.

I believe that Encore transcodes all it's media and this includes transcoding audio to AC-3 format.

My question is this: When I render MPEG2 from Vegas is it better to have the audio and video kept in two separate streams or is one combined stream okay? Vegas 5 by itself obviously doesn't compress to AC-3, so I'm just trying to make certain that Encore can do the compression properly.

- Marc


Spot|DSE wrote on 5/12/2004, 7:39 AM
Encore does a sh** job of compression. I've written a book on Encore 1.5, due out any day now. Buy the AC3 package from Sony, it's WELL worth the cost if audio quality/integrity means anything to you. It's really weird, Encore is a decent DVD Authoring tool, but the audio tools/SurCode suck. Yet they bought one of the top 5 Audio softwares (Cool Edit) and made it part of the professional production suite. They couldn't have made major improvements to Encore with those tools?
So, render MPEG and AC3 in Vegas, import to timelines in Encore.
JakeHannam wrote on 5/12/2004, 7:45 AM
If you buy Vegas + DVDA, you get the AC3 encoder included for no additional charge.