AJA Kona issues too with build 563

larry-peter wrote on 4/14/2013, 10:23 AM
I've been seeing a lot of threads concerning the new build and video preview devices. I hope we're not seeing another feature that every "Pro" NLE needs being broken in sacrifice of bells and whistles.

I finally broke down and installed VP12/563 and immediately lost my ability to preview through SDI or HDMI from my Kona LHi. Just green-tinted static. Saw in the release notes that 10.1 AJA drivers were required for VP12, so I clean-installed those. Still nothing but green static. Saw on another recent thread about issues with BMD devices that an older .dll was needed, so I decided to try that. Copied the AJAvideodevice.dll from my VP11 directory and am now getting SDI/HDMI output. Will check next to see if I'm getting audio from the Kona, but I doubt it with this V11 dll.

Are any users successfully using AJA Kona in the new build and getting audio and video output?


videoITguy wrote on 4/14/2013, 1:28 PM
Atom12, your questions and the issues you raise are quite relevant.

1) Third-party support for SCS and VegasPro has been dwindling over the last three years. BlackMagicDesign does not support their intensity line of cards/devices beyond Vegas9. Cineform does not support newer Versions of VegasPro. This does not mean that users haven't found workarounds, but it is getting very troublesome to have a smooth course to install and maintain.

2) The evidence so far points to successive builds of VegasPro12 acting very differently on hardware, and a whole world different from VegasPro11 installation on the same exact hardware. That is a given fact by now.

3) I do not know about AJA Kona, as not many users surfacing with good feedback as yet, but it should be investigated fully.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 4/14/2013, 7:46 PM
> "Cineform does not support newer Versions of VegasPro"

Not sure what you are referring to but I use Cineform all the time with Vegas Pro 12.0 and it works great.

As for the AJA Kona problem, I would report it to Sony if the current build broke something. You can always uninstall and go back to a previous build in the mean time.

larry-peter wrote on 4/15/2013, 1:51 PM
An incident ticket has been opened about this and seeing that a few more threads have popped up concerning external video preview in the past few days, I would encourage anyone having preview issues to file incidents with support. Let's get this taken care of quickly.

I won't even rehash all the reasons why this is so important, but having to rely on Vegas' timeline preview window to do much of anything negates anything "pro" about this product.