Jason-Stoll wrote on 8/18/2019, 6:09 AM

Hello, i have tried to set the sliders for the audio channels (1 to 8) using the midi learn method from the preference automation with the above keyboard. After doing so the the sliders only move by a small increment and only if i turn the K1 dial slowly and back and forth, and even then it won't get to the top or the bottom of the slider range. The maximum from the midi controller is set at 127 and i've used the APK Midi Editor to confirm the values.

As such the keyboard can't be used for automation recording for example as Vegas Pro 16 does not seem to read the right values thereby rendering it useless. The keyboard is not at fault since i use it a lot with FL Studio and there the sliders work perfectly. Anyone have any ideas how to get this to work?

Many thanks


Update: I've found that if i hold the mouse button on the Mixing Console window channel volume slider to stop it moving and then i turn the dial on my APK MINI keyboard then the volume slider seen at the side of the track moves correctly to match the midi value (the Mixing Console slider doesn't move as i am holding it with the left mouse button down).

If i hold the track volume slider in the same fashion and repeat the above action then the MIDI value is honoured and both the Mixing Console volume and the track volume UI sliders move to reflect the value (seems the left mouse button held on the track volume slider can't hold that slider in its UI position).

Therefore i surmise it is a bug in Vegas Pro 16.


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