Hulk wrote on 6/9/2016, 9:20 PM
Wow! Great picture!

Of course everybody has their opinions on this...

I personally don't think Ali could have been beaten pre-Vietnam war saga. Joe Louis was also an amazingly gifted fighter. It's between those two for GOAT (greatest of all time) heavyweights in my opinion.

I also think Larry Holmes was very talented and underrated.
Arthur.S wrote on 6/10/2016, 10:13 PM
Both brilliant heavyweights that just went on too long. Louis was way too old to take on a Marciano at the peak of his powers, and the Ali fight against Holmes was a farce. Whoever organised that should have been lined up against a wall and shot. I don't think you can ever compare boxers from different eras and say who was "greatest". Joe would probably not have been big enough to be a heavyweight even in the late Ali era - and certainly not today. But skill and fighting heart? Unmatchless - if that's a word. :-)
What's the story behind the picture?
wwaag wrote on 6/10/2016, 11:05 PM
What's the story behind the picture?

musicvid10 wrote on 6/11/2016, 6:29 AM
Exhibition match in our small town in Nebraska. Picture was taken at a reception. First African-American I had ever met, and my fascination was unmistakable.
DGates wrote on 6/11/2016, 7:15 AM
"...the Ali fight against Holmes was a farce..."

Not even close. The Ali versus Lyle Alzado fight. Now THAT was a farce.