"An error occurred while starting playback"

radiovegas wrote on 9/29/2009, 7:32 AM
Sometimes if I minimize Vegas, then come back to it, it tells me "An error occurred while
starting playback", and it won't play until I restart my computer.

I'm using Vegas 7.0e on Windows XP SP3, with a Digital Labs CardDeluxe sound card, using the ASIO driver.

Any clues on how to fix this?



radiovegas wrote on 10/5/2009, 11:22 AM
musicvid10 wrote on 10/5/2009, 11:48 AM
I think I recall reading that Vegas dumps the file from cache when minimized to save memory. Maybe you just need to wait a minute after restoring the window before playing it. (Just a guess).
drbam wrote on 10/5/2009, 2:17 PM
What does the "Details" tab say about the error? When I get that it is usually connected to my soundcard output settings being assigned to another program that is open.
pwppch wrote on 10/5/2009, 8:22 PM
Any clues on how to fix this?

In your general preferences uncheck "close media files when not the active application"

You may also try unchecking:

"Close audio and MIDI ports when not the active application"