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MrD wrote on 4/3/2022, 9:13 AM

I have a problem with editing MPEG-4 files in Vegas Pro 16. As far as i found, Vegas should download the codec automatically while loading the file. The only solution i found was for the users, who bought the product on steam and it was... to ask steam for refund. I got my copy from Humble Budle bundle back in 2021, but did not use it untill now. How can i fix this problem?

Thanks for your help :)


rraud wrote on 4/3/2022, 10:09 AM

Try installing Quicktime 7 or Quicktime Alt, I am not sure if VP16 included the QT AAC codec nor do I have any experience with software from Humble Bundle,

EricLNZ wrote on 4/3/2022, 11:02 PM

An online connection could not be established

If that's your problem have you tried turning off your security system temporarily in case there is a firewire blockage. If you are using Windows Defender it has been known to cause problems.