Another continuous project returned as faulty today..

Eventide wrote on 3/19/2003, 7:09 AM
A short while ago I posted a message on this forum about a recurring problem with CDs burnt from continuous CDA5 projects with no pauses between the track IDs. Manufacturers are returning them as faulty. Track IDs are appearing out of sequence, although CDA5 shows it all as fine. I copied an error report from the manufacturer and emailed this to SF along with the corresponding PQ sheet for the same project generated by CDA5 for comments. I have heard nothing from anyone to date.

I had another disc returned today from a manufacturer as faulty. Re-locating the relevant track ID has not solved the problem this time.

My only course of action now is to insert a tiny gap in between the track IDs to physically separate them. If this does not solve the problem, I may have to move to another CD assembly app, as my faith in CDA5 is starting to evaporate.

Here is my original posting, summarising the problem:

"...I have so far had three discs returned on separate occasions from the glassmastering company one of my clients uses to manufacture CDs from my masters burned in CDA5. The problem seems to occur when track IDs are inserted into long, continuous projects, where the music continues throughout and track ID points are butted together seamlessly, giving no pause between the tracks.

The CDA projects give nothing away to indicate that anything is wrong, the PQ info looks fine, but the discs have been returned as unusable as one track ID on each project re-occurs again after the next ID, IE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 6, 7. You will see that 4 appears twice. I have the faxed error reports if anyone at SF is interested in comparing these with the cue sheet data for any clues.

In each case I solved the problem by re-locating the PQ point in question to a slightly different position. The problem has not occurred with projects where pauses are present between the tracks.

As I do a lot of mastering work for New Age music companies, there are quite a few projects I deal with that "flow" tracks together without pauses, so I'd be grateful to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences with CDA5.

I had no such problems in several years using CDA4. Any thoughts?

Kevin Kendle ....."

Again, grateful for ANY assistance with this one!



jorgensen wrote on 3/20/2003, 4:20 AM
The only 'here and now' help I can think of is this:

Save the project as a WAV file and use the Premaster utility from to make a CUE file. Open it with a text editor and check the settings. Nero can burn your edited list.
Eventide wrote on 3/20/2003, 6:48 AM
Thanks J - I'll give anything a try!

Eventide wrote on 3/21/2003, 9:37 AM
I have taken the decision to switch back to CDA4 for continuous projects - as I have just had a fifth project returned that was burned in CDA5, showing exactly the same symptoms.

It's getting embarrassing - and it would be nice if Sonic could offer any suggestions.

Weka wrote on 3/23/2003, 1:01 AM
Just had manufactured one such project. 60min with 75 short tracks, continuous material. No problems. HOWEVER, when played on the one *DVD* player I've tried, there is a short pause prior to the start of each track. Anyone encountered that?