Another External Monitoring Question - HDMI

mjroddy wrote on 11/21/2007, 10:26 AM
I'm seeing a lot of LCD and Plasma TVs from Costco and several now have HDMI inputs.
Is there a color space drawback or anything I should know about if I purchased one of these and hooked it up through my Canon HV20 via the HDMI signle?

So I'd go from my computer to the HV20 via firewire, and then from the HV20 to the monitor via HDMI.
Seems like a simple HD solution. Too simple... I must be missing something.

I shoot all HDV (with a Canon XL-H1 or the HV20), encode with HDLink, edit using the Cineform codec, on Vegas 7 (I don't have the courage to install 8 just yet, though I do own it as of a few weeks ago).

Thanks much, and to all who celebrate Turkey Day, Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm a vegetarian, so I'll be celebrating in a slightly non-traditional way...)


teaktart wrote on 11/21/2007, 11:32 AM
Couldn't you just go out from CPU to HDTV via DVI>>HDMI cable and save your camera the work (i.e. wear and tear the heads)?
and use the HDTV as an "external monitor" or is that too simple?
I'm getting ready to make the same move....

mjroddy wrote on 11/21/2007, 12:13 PM
I have no idea. Hopefully someone here will clue us in.
But there would be no wear, no tear on the camera, as it's only being used as a pass-through.
I haven't tried it to know if you need it in Record mode, or if it is, indeed, a simple pass through.
mjroddy wrote on 11/22/2007, 1:43 PM
Sorry for the "bump" here - I was just hoping to take advantage of sales, so I wanted to act on this soon.

Any thoughts?

Another question I might start a thread on (unless someone finds my question here) is how does HDMI compare to HDV?
I've done a search, but don't see any obvious comparisons. They're both 4:2:0, as I recall, but HDMI is 1920, while HDV is 1440, but other than that, I can't tell if one has any advantages over the other.
Bill Ravens wrote on 11/22/2007, 2:40 PM
HDMI is ,essentially, a repackaged DVI. DVI can be digital or analog, HDMI is the digital version, exclusively. The intent is to
1-incorporate DRM into the connection
2-integrate audio connections in the connector

HDv is a video format, much like DV. HDMI isn't so much of a software format as a hardware specification. As such HDMI can incorporate both HDv as well as DV, uncompressed, and any other video format.