another render time question

epirb wrote on 12/1/2003, 2:45 PM
I recently was given a vhs tape by a freind who wanted it copied to dvd.
the tape was old and had some degradation. Lot's of green tint to it along with noise. I'm not trying to make it a whole lot better but I did some color correcting and a slight linear blur (like .003 horz and vert) .
I divided the footage into two sections, no transistions or any other effects.
I went to render the first section 1hr. render time is going on 20+ hrs.
sound about right or something's wrong.should I have rendered to avi first then to mpeg2 ?
here's the other essential info:
p4 1.8ghz
512 ram
80 gig system drive 50% used
120 video drive(all captured footage and renderering to this drive)60%full
all other apps disabled except for norton firewall, n.a.v is disabled

this seems reaaly long to me but I havent used the color corrector for any large clips before,BTW both effect's cc and blur were done at the track level not event level.


Spot|DSE wrote on 12/1/2003, 3:33 PM
Slight or not, blur is blur. It's forcing Vegas to redraw/reconstruct every pixel. Blur is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish with any NLE and have it be fast. Even the real time cards don't do blur real time very well. But 20 hours seems extreme...
You are rendering to MPEG 2 then? Rather than AVI? Shouldn't be taking that much longer, but an avi render to mpeg2 is usually faster than a project to mpeg 2.
You didn't specify how long the vhs tape was.
epirb wrote on 12/1/2003, 4:20 PM
Thanks for the info Spot,
Yes the I rendered the project strait to mpeg2(arch settings) .
The entire video I did as single capture total length 2 hrs 11 min. I split the event into 2 regions and rendered the first 1hr.looks like total render time for that region is about 20:11
It's almost done so I'll try the second region tonight rendered to .avi and see what kinda time I get.

prior to that I just did a render of 1hr of vid with no effects, that took around 3 hrs which I figure is about norm for my system.
Udi wrote on 12/1/2003, 10:57 PM
In my experience, the difference betwen mpeg and avi rendering is minimal.

I had long rendering when the input format - size, frame rate, field-order etc. where not the same as the output.

Also, based on some recent threads, check that opacity is 100%, it could be slightly less by mistake.

You can disable the track fx and try to render a small section and do the same with the fx enabled. Without the fx, the rendering should be around 1:1.