Anti-flicker ala DVD Workshop?

organism_seven wrote on 5/30/2003, 6:20 PM

I have recently started to use DVDA as opposed to DVD Workshop.
Like everybody else who has used other progams previously, I am assessing the differences between the two.
But there is one difference, which may seem insignificant to some, but really irritates me.
In DVD Workshop there is an option to apply Anti-Flicker to the Menu pages.
Why anybody would not select this option I don't understand.
DVDA doesn't have this option and there is a definite flicker occuring on the DVDs I am creating.
Does anybody know why this happens?
Can it be cured using DVDA?
Why doesn't DVDA have this simple but important option which prevents eye strain for the end user?

Regards and TIA.


Ros wrote on 6/1/2003, 7:18 PM
I have the same problem with DVDA, I wasted many hours trying to rearange my menus, choosing an appropriate font and avoid as much jitter as possible.

This is my first official DVD. The mpeg2 video looks great, even the scrolling title at the end of my video looks perfect. The scrolling titles where assembled in Vegas, where, correct me if I am wrong, text in vegas is in progressive mode as opposed to interlaced, eventhough the video itself will be rendered interlaced.

If the thumbnail and text on the DVD menu could be rendered in progressive mode, or having an anti-flicker option, that would be very appreciated! So far, I haven't find a simple way to resolve this problem and I hope SoFo can come up with a solution to solve this problem,