Any chance of a V9/PA upgrade bundle?

BrianStanding wrote on 5/13/2009, 10:24 AM
I'm really on the fence here. I've played around with V9 and the Production Assistant trials and I'm still not sure whether to take the plunge or not.

Most of V9's improvements seem to be "under the hood," particularly for those of us who are not jumping into 4K Red editing just yet. Production Assistant looks like a really well-designed tool, with a thoughtful workflow and layout, but much of what it does is duplicative of Excalibur, Ultimate-S and many of the free scripts I've been using for some time. I do think PA does those things more elegantly than the other scripting/plug-in alternatives.

I'd really like both, but I'm finding the price tag for both the upgrade and PA a bit steep in these tough economic times. If Sony gave some kind of price break for ordering the V9 upgrade AND Production Assistant together, I'd probably jump. I'd be happy to forego the free New Blue FX, Sound Effects or Sound Forge Studio offer as an alternative, since I have little use for any of these.

Ahem. Are you listening, SCS?


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