Any quick way to "Undo" Loop region?

earthrisers wrote on 12/8/2006, 9:42 AM
Something I inadvertently do fairly often is to select a Loop Region on the timeline, when I'm trying to do something else (such as move a marker, or whatever).
Is there a quick way to DESELECT LOOP REGION?? I couldn't find any shortcut key for that, and the only way I know is to pull one side of the loop to the other side until it's just a straight line. But using that approach, as often as not I wind up with a split-second loop region, instead of *clearing* the loop region... then I have to create a longer loop region and try again to drag one side to the other... etc.
Any quick tips to undo this frequent annoyance?

(I know how to use the right-click menu-item Set Selection to Project, but what I really want to do is have NO selection...)


jeremyk wrote on 12/8/2006, 10:14 AM
One way is to type "IO", which sets both in and out points to the cursor position. Since the keys are right next to each other it's quick to do.

jetdv wrote on 12/8/2006, 11:56 AM
In the options, you can also turn on the "Collapse Loop Region" (on the editing tab). Then when you click anywhere, the loop region will disappear (actually, it will become the point that you clicked.
earthrisers wrote on 12/8/2006, 2:35 PM
Thanks much!
Another reminder of why I love this Forum...
bStro wrote on 12/8/2006, 8:45 PM
Yet another option is to hit your backspace key -- this will return your loop / selection back to whatever it was before you created the new one. (Incidentally, you can cycle through your most recent five selections this way.)

ForumAdmin wrote on 12/8/2006, 8:54 PM
Something else somewhat related -- if you hit the Backspace key it will cycle through the 5 most recent loop selections you made.
Grazie wrote on 12/8/2006, 9:53 PM
if you hit the Backspace key it will cycle through the 5 most recent loop selections you made.

WHAT?? Now you tell me? - What a package! Thanks, "ForumAdmin-Guy!" (guy?)

I guess that is in the Manual too - huh?

Jim H wrote on 12/8/2006, 10:17 PM
Manual? We don't need no stink'n manual! I don't ask for directions while driving either.
UlfLaursen wrote on 12/9/2006, 10:54 AM
I have been wondering this too - it's great to know.