Any used Huffyuv in Movie Studio 12 ?

Landau Roof wrote on 4/7/2013, 6:56 PM
I'm in the process of capturing some old VHS tapes using VirtualDub with the Huffyuv codec for archiving. None of the files I create can be read by Movie Studio. I get the little circle of no if I try to drag them into the timeline and clicking on the file for "Match media settings" when creating a project gives an "error opening codec" popup.

This is on Windows 7 64-bit and using a rather hacky installation process published on but the codec does work in other video software, but not Movie Studio.



TroyTheTech wrote on 4/30/2013, 10:06 AM
I believe that's the very thread he stated that is very "hacky" and is one he is not comfortable doing (most people should be cautious about such workarounds anyway)

Sony's Vegas line of products has been quite finicky for years and years when it comes to third-party codecs. If you are familiar with using/installing codecs, what you want is a 'translator' that will tell Vegas "everything's ok" and "use any codec" you have installed on your system.

There are a bunch, but one you can try is FFDSHOW. FFdshow is a codec parser, effectively 'translating' whatever codec you have installed, for use by players and programs like Vegas. I have used it myself and it worked great, back when Vegas wouldn't even talk to MPEG-4...

Just install it and open up the VFW (Video For Windows) portion of it and tell it to open HuffYUV with it's own 'internal decoder'. Then, when you click on your video clips in Vegas, it will use FFdshow as a 'translator' to be able to play them back and you can then compress them tp MPEG-4 or whatever you want for archiving.

Have fun with it!